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Big Mama Tabs

Big Mama Tabs

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Slows your metabolism down to help boost your appetite.

Take 1-3 tabs a day 15-30 minutes before each meal. Or you can just do 2 a day, morning and evening/night.

The first 2 days you will be super drowsy, so make sure you don’t take them on days that you have to work. Start them on your off days. Or you can take them at night time before bed, so that way you’ll already be sleep once they kick in.

You will see results within your first week of taking them.

10 tabs come in one pack.

Processing time: 1 day. ALL orders will be shipped next day after placing your order. I DO NOT ship on weekends. So if you order on a Friday your order won’t go out until Monday.

Please send me before and after pictures as well as feedback to my Tik Tok account: “comelifewithjada” or tag my Tik Tok account in your post.

You can email: if you have any questions or concerns.

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